Shore Sticker Corps

Join The Shore Sticker Corps

We've got ourselves a shipment of some cool Shore vinyl stickers and we want to share them with you!  If you have the old oval sticker, you're behind the times!  Get on-board, Waders!  Tell us you want the NEW for 2012 sticker!

All throughout 2013 we'll be giving these away in one form or another and you're going to want to have one, why?

They're your passport to a world of prizes and fun!
We have sightings of "Shore" stickers in Australia, Slovakia, New Zealand, and several other far away places.....even New Jersey!  (see above pics)  Be the next to send us a pic of your "The Shore" sticker, anywhere you find/stick it.  
Fine Print:  Follow the steps below:

Step One: Get One!

Three ways:

1 / We're still giving them away at Shore Road Show Events all year. (e.g. "Summer Encore", Binghamton, NY, in September)

2 / email us at:  (Be sure to say "sign it", if you want a Shore personality to autograph your sticker......)

3 / If you want to go the old fashioned route, send us a self addressed, stamped envelope to...
The Shore Sticker Corps
194 Humboldt Ave.
Angola, NY 14006
and we'll get one right out to you!  Really!  Either JimmyPirate or Don DaPyrate will autograph it, if you want.  Just say, "sign it!"